Summary Introduction: Oh Mother. This initiative is primarily demanding legislative recognition of Mother as a formal occupation. Meaning that the occupation of women as mother’s should be given practical rights. That women as mothers should be given recognition for their formative measurable success and contributions to the world and that their work and achievements as mothers should be recognized in jobs, in law, in government, and education.

Oh Mother Thesis


Since the moment I began to grow into the consciousness that I was a girl child that was to grow into being a woman I began observing women and would watch my mother intently. I perceived the skills with which she managed the household and the care of children and studied them carefully. I had a doll like many children which my mother made for me when I turned five, it was a cloth doll, made in the image of myself in certain ways. I cared for this doll with great attention as though it was my own child, practicing swaddling it, clothing it, feeding it. I witnessed my mother’s emotional nature, her tears and sadness over suffering, her gentle and soft heart. How she comforted us as though she was comforting her own gentle heart by holding us all in her embrace as we cried. She was not afraid or intimidated by our vulnerability as children, our weakness, anger, temper or upsets, she was graceful and loving, strong and incredibly gentle, joyful and emotionally available. For me the pinnacle of success was to be a mother and raise beautiful children and care for them with all my heart. When I would tell people this, they would ask me if there was anything else I wanted to do, this confused me. Then as I grew up in a world which was based on success as material gain, where women were so sexualized that our sacred natures and gifts as women were largely obscured to men, I like many girls fell victim to the system. My life can be essentially comprised by a series of events which occurred due to my cultures disregard for women as worthy of respect and good treatment. The incidents of abuse of girls, missing girls and women are exhaustive but what they essentially amount to is unequivocal evidence of a complete lack of value and protection for the life bearers, the child bearers, the hearth stone of humanity. I am, like countless women, a survivor of this system and a mother of four children and have simply realized that the system must change and that it must happen from within by finding a way to protect and value the sanctity of the feminine as sacred for life.

Although my primary occupation has been as Mother for 17 years, I have also pursued my artistic occupation. I am so deeply moved by the work of women, the home, and raising children even my art and music continually speaks directly to my reverence for the work of mother and the sacred feminine. I work in various mediums as a visual artist, watercolor and acrylic, inks, oil, pastel, I have worked in illustration as well as portraiture and figure study. I paint many flowers, birds, nature in detail which are then woven as ambiance around the focal subjects of women and or children and are always speaking to the link of Mother Nature, her children and Divine Feminine Attributes we as women carry and bestow upon our loved ones. I also play the celtic harp and sing, I compose my own music and my voice is propelled by an inner inertia to sing without words but rather with sound as a kind of lullaby that can be heard and understood by the heart across cultures and beyond the language barrier.  

Because I have been highly dedicated to my vocation as a mother I have never had much desire for success in the mainstream and in hindsight I now realize that many women who choose to raise their children at home have similar shy qualities. Because of my lack of interest for success in this capitalistic world, I have had a hard time finding personal ambition with which to pursue my career as an artist in a focused way. However due to a series of events which have changed the entire trajectory of my life in the last year, I have had to come up against systems within the infrastructure of our society which clearly need to evolve for the betterment of humanity and have realized that I might have a role to play in such an initiative. I being a mother would like to help envision solutions for the issues which mother’s face, and which I being a mother feel strongly about.

As I have moved in these past years struggling to protect myself and my children from abuse, trying to survive, provide, and care for my four children and having had to research in depth to try to source support for myself and my children it came down to three very basic statements from people who are in positions of authority and who have years of experience hearing women like myself speak and ask for help.

A top facilitator and financial analyst: “You are in a socio economic impossibility.’

A PHD of Psychology specializing in trying to help women leave abusive partners internationally. “The system is rigged against you, the entire system, I do not have a solution.”

The Director of the most respected organization for women’s legal advocacy for the country I live in.

“The legal system is against women, you will have a long and hard battle, we have no funding or adequate resources for you.”  

In hearing this, the feeling is of course to just run away and hide. Disappear, throw everything out. But I love my children, I love mothers, I love women, I love my sisters, I care deeply for all of us and I do not want to stand down, but I do not want to react either. And so I have decided instead to begin an idea, a tentative vision, a small motion amongst many motions, and it is these little tiny rebellious motions that when compiled over years and years of being abused amount to a fortress of resistance and that is where my sisters, mothers, and safe loving brothers can meet to discuss the heart of the matter and move gently out into the world of potential change by gently raising awareness and empowerment for mothers all over the world one little step at a time. 

We are tested by trials we face in order that we may grow in compassion and humility. Thank you to all my loved one’s who have accompanied me in this passage of life. Thank you to my mother who raised me to become the woman I am today and who has engendered in me prodigious respect for the occupation of mother by her beautiful example. Thank you to all my friends and fans who have supported both I and my children so selflessly and patiently throughout the course of all my challenges and processes of development. Thank you to my teachers.


I am not a scholar, nor do I have any academic standing. I am speaking from my lived experience and the experience of other women, friends, family, mothers, activists and women’s organizations. I am researching independently and gathering information by studying books and statistical research to further clarify and dialogue concerning women’s and mothers’ welfare in our communities. I am not the only researcher in this study and welcome other interested parties to join in the initiative to help dynamically and positively shed light on the work of Mothers. We can do so not only with research, but through art,music, gatherings online and offline as per our ability to build community support and resources, networks and safety security and support for mothers and children.


This is the beginning of an initiative which is based on the premise of an idea. Any particular radical thought can be a means by which we then endeavor to uncover greater meaning, purpose and wisdom as human beings. As such, this initiative or idea is not a construct of rules to be abided by, but is rather a premise to be expanded upon, to be explored in every which way, open to dialogue from all corners in order to further enlighten its meaning. Essentially the idea is composed by the question;

“What if motherhood was deemed an occupation worthy of income, of resource, of support and empowerment, by the societal, government and legal constructs of a capitalist world?”

It may be that we believe in a vague way that the occupation of mother is already deemed worthy of such support and recognition, but does our current governing infrastructures regard it as such?

The answer is no, no the current infrastructures do not value it as a measurable commodity. From here on in we begin the debate as per how and why the current infrastructures do not value it as such and how if it were so valued things might change for our world as a whole. Furthermore we begin an in depth research into the value of motherhood as the founding occupation for humanity and how by it’s undeniably being the only ‘unpaid formal occupation’ since the beginning of time, it has been a means to maintain our humanity at the core of our world consciousness. From this point of reflection we then set out to discover what the world would look like if this primordial occupation, essentially the cornerstone of all aspects of our society, was given the necessary recognition, education, fiscal support to be independent, the rights and respects to achieve empowerment of its core principles which to summarize are; selfless loving empathetic biological genius.

Key Points:

*Firstly do not let the mind overcome you, follow your heart, your inner freedoms, your intuition and your awareness that there is indeed and without doubt a greater and Higher plan for every single aspect of our human experience.

*Empower the thread of empathy, compassion and love within your consciousness for the wellbeing of others and yourself.

*By using the intellectual faculties bestowed upon us balanced by heart consciousness we can observe and learn and acquire knowledge that can assist us in emancipating ourselves from duality consciousness (where we are living split human existence due to our attachments, our passions, our ego based intellect).

*Focus in on and empower the exceptional work of those people in the world who have selflessly committed themselves to serving others with the sole purpose of ending oppression and suffering.

*Build upon the fabric of humanity using the only vibrant and living thread that binds us all together, that being our shared humanity, our shared human experience, our shared struggle to find and know true peace.

*Admitting vulnerability and the reality of suffering and asking for help is not weakness but incredible strength and power.

Accept that there are biological and scientific laws that bind us intrinsically to what wellbeing means for our world.

  1. Our inescapable biological dependence on the earth, Mother nature’s resilience and health. That we are the custodians of Earth, and she is indeed a beautiful and loving mother worthy of respect.
  2. That within the lives of women there is a common thread of shared lived experience governed by our biological needs and health requirements, just so for men, however theirs is indeed different from women’s in many basic biological ways which cannot be denied; i.e. puberty, menstruation, child bearing, emotional and pain endurance capacities, menopause.
  3. That each and every woman, man and child have specific rights and freedoms to protect them which must be upheld for humanities wellbeing as a whole.

Before even beginning the journey into presenting this initiative as open for dialogue I must first define the specific demographic I am speaking to and explain why it is so important to do so.

If we can agree that it takes a village to raise a child that is a good beginning. If we can then examine the nuclear family and see that it is not working well for humanity. If we can recognize that there exists a strange inhuman power that measures success primarily as contingent on monetary success and academic prowess. If we can accept that the term Patriarch could have a loving and kind benevolent force, but due to the systemic abuse of power and ego it has been greatly undermined.  If we can accept that there exists power hungry institutions who are primarily ego-centered- structures contingent upon capitalist success, consumerism and therefore domination and control.  If we can recognize these things we can then begin to discuss what is missing.

Instead of defining this as a purely Western Issue, which many thinkers tend to do. I want to define it as something I will call perverse misinterpretation of core values, duality syndrome. Indeed the west is fraught with it, but the global systems of power are drunk with it as well, so it is not purely a western issue. Duality Syndrome focuses on duality instead of focusing on the Oneness constant of our shared human experience and primordial link to natural health and balance. Duality syndrome makes us dualize our experience of life by forgetfulness and ego centered thinking. I am going to summarize this terminology by referring to it as DS, duality syndrome. DS is very much a systemic syndrome which rears its head throughout history and is not symptomatic of one particular generation or people. It began at the beginning and is the opposing force which in and of its nature acts as a clarification for people to try to ascertain what goodness is. Reaction is an essential component for realization, hence the Sufi perspective that light cannot exist without darkness.

As we can see throughout indeginous, culturally vibrant and indeed some religious communities internationally there is still a strong focus on what is noble and good in our communities as a measure of true success in contrast to the DS’s fixation on monetary gain as being the measure of success.  I would go so far as to state that the DS’s perspective is not just that monetary gain is The measure of success, but that success is actually how far we can go without being held accountable for the impact of our actions on others, through our international trade, through our treatment of minorities, through our social planning and health care, the list goes on. So, is the freedom and liberty of a country measured by lived moral integrity or how much we can consume and not be held accountable for?  DS is highly individualized and people are removed from one another by social norms which are based on retaining wealth solely for oneself, resulting in a great deal of isolation. The result of said isolation is lack of sharing, loving, vibrant community, blindness to our own need to be held accountable, and blindness to the suffering of others, and what naturally follows is then mental illness, alcoholism and drug abuses as well as heightened consumerism in useless attempts to try and fill the emptiness . The DS capitalistic structure is so insidious that it convinces the human being that without having gained x amount of money per year you are in fact a failure, that if you have not achieved academic recognition in an institution of note you have not succeeded as a human being. The entire structure is false in and of itself of course, because there are very few people who ever achieve financial solvency as we are individuated, isolated and the cost of living is so incredibly high, on the contrary your life is spent on an upward climb paying off debts incurred while living a fictitious materialistic or ego academia ‘success’ to try to find yourself peace which simply cannot be achieved as such.

So I hope you can see that for me, the conclusion is that monetary success and academic prowess is not success. On the contrary, the measure of success is in our good works as human beings, it is the human heart and it’s shared resources, compassion for others, community building that can be the only indicator of any measure of true success. 

This being said I will state that there is one occupation that has stemmed the tide of greed and passions and ego throughout the entire history of humanity. This occupation is without question a stream of pure gold throughout our generations, integral and vital for humanity and it is Motherhood. 

Motherhood must be seen as a vital occupation. Duality syndrome DS, does not want to recognize the value of Motherhood because by doing so it will negate its own preponderance of ego centered ideologies,its power and control over humanity.

Mother, she has selflessly, empathetically, without any thought of asking for recognition from the systems of power and control, upheld humbly the importance of her occupation and brilliantly succeeded despite all odds in trying to preserve humanity through her love, her care, her emotional intelligence, the biological labor of her gender.

Oh Mother how you are the bearer of the womb, of the cosmos, your essence is in your divine qualities, you are the bridge between heaven and earth. You are our humanity, calling us over and over into remembering truth. The truth that it is indeed our good works, our gentleness, our compassion for one another that lights the way for all of us out of the darkness of ignorance. 

Her selflessness and compassion is vital for the human being as a whole. The mother is in fact the barometer of the measure, if we see in our culture that the mother is falling between the cracks of our infrastructure we can see that the systems themselves are not sufficient. 

They say;

Educate women and you will see a society of educated and successful people.

But I go further;

Educate women on what they are doing in their vital work as mother’s, empower them, and give them income, tools and resources. Educate women not using the colonialistic dogmas of a culture intoxicated by it’s own materialism, privilege and intellectual ego based prowess but instead educate women in the humble beauty and subtle but most powerful gifts to the fabric of humanity, her occupation of Mother. Make her aware of the value of her emotional intelligence, her loving care and compassion. The immense humility of her occupation and how it has informed and preserved humanity always. Her fear is not of any particular entity in the government or systems structures but her fear and guilt is constantly linked to her feeling that she may not have succeeded adequately to raise a child who is loving and caring and wise. This means she is fearing God, or fearing a power greater than Herself, in the innate nature of her occupation. So give her the mean’s to become truly empowered in her vocation so that she can assist and educate others, her children and community at large. 

Now for the greater purpose one must look at an essential component to this discussion, that being Oneness philosophy of life. Oneness philosophy of life is the opposite of duality syndrome. As I mentioned before there have been and still are people who have preserved Oneness, within their cultures, within their religious beliefs and or moral codes and ethics. When we begin to look carefully through study at these various communities of people we find that the central infrastructure of the community is based on upholding and protecting the family. Protecting in essence the most loving and most compassionate within the community as a whole, the occupation of Mother. Abuse of power and abuse of the weak appears throughout all cultures and peoples despite their adherence to particular moral and ethic, this is the ego and it affects all of us. There is no reason to go into a dialogue of blame or pointing fingers because that would be simply an obvious indication of duality syndrome and its insecurity as it knows that in the end it cannot succeed. Non of us are exempt from the powerful duality issues within us. Even the Prophet’s and saints and greatest thinkers of our different eras have suffered from the effects of duality syndrome and indeed had to continually be reminded of the Oneness constant inorder to surmount the various trials within their lives. Therefore when I speak to this I am not promoting one culture or ideology or religion over another, I am speaking simply to an open analysis of persons, certain cultures, ideologies or religious structures who have maintained a certain degree of Oneness consciousness and how because of that they have succeeded in positive and healthful norms where in contrast DS causes suffering.

So if we can agree that Motherhood is indeed the central ingredient to wellness for humanity, that she is the measure by which we can ascertain the health of any given culture. Let us look to this as a way to inform us on the path of healing from DS trauma. 

Where the family is the core of the society, we build outwards from that union. 

Because the discussion around the integral reality and healthful concepts of union between man and woman are lengthy I will not address them here. Instead I will speak to the concept of what it means for a family to become the owner of a name that is well known, not for its vice and dirigent qualities which is what we primarily discuss now a days when mentioning a well known family, but a family well known for its goodness, it’s kindness and rectitude in the service to humanity, not for political prowess or academic achievement or financial success but simply as an entity a bearer of nobility and goodness into the world. That that family being known for its goodness, extends by way of its progeny into the world at large. And that in retaining its integral bonds it defies the duality or division of its core strength, divided we are weak, together we are strong is the moto and further together we are strongest in egolessness and service to humanity. When you as a child are raised in such a family you are raised with the core values of that entity and encouraged to do good works, and by the very nature of that intention you are essentially highly protected by all the family members and community members who are sharing their lives together in a strong familial bond. The issue arises when one or other of that family decides that the way that that particular family is thinking does not suit the individual needs of said child, and it is this conundrum that must be looked at carefully. When a child presents you with a set of different ideas about it’s experience of life, do we as parents vilify it in fear of losing certain aspects of our families nobility? IF we do so, we are then assigning duality to that child, and in fact not living the core ethics of a noble family who is charitable at heart? It is for this reason, a level of surrender must be adapted to any aspect of familial life, wherein we can accept and remain strong within our love of one another despite our differences. It is of course important that children who defy previous ideologies exist in the fabric of any given family, it is necessary for the development of humanity that we are continually questioned as per our core beliefs so that we can be given the necessary reminders that encourage us to re analyze and re invigor our own values repeatedly in order to remain flexible in mind and heart. Intelligence is not arrived at by being educated to believe that you have the answers, rather intelligence is arrived at by being educated that you are the question in search of the answer and that the journey is a love of learning, and a joy in questions, and a respectful realization that any conclusion is always worthy of debate for further understanding, exploration and wonder. There are times when a child may be born with a particular inclination toward dissension and this must be accepted and understood as something which does appear and is not wrong, but in fact just another means by which we are given the opportunity to re-remember the true meaning of Love. Love is not always as our desire would have it, but often is experienced in some form of discipline. A loving mother is not passive and obedient to her children’s whims, neither does she oppress her children, neither is she abusive to them, she steadily guides by example throughout her day and works with the head, heart and hands of the child to teach true love and it’s manifestation in the world.

We collectively suffer from duality syndrome on a global scale, it impacts all the infrastructures of our society, government, law, social resources. To be very clear, this system is essentially a top down power and control, divide and conquer oppressor. Duality syndrome power organizations do not work from the central familiar construct which works inward to outward, DS works from the outward domination of systems from outward to in, top-down. It is this in and of itself that can clearly explain how the system itself is flawed. We can see it as I have mentioned by analyzing the lives of women and mothers and why they are falling through the cracks of this system, but to be more to the point we can see it most clearly in our treatment of the most vulnerable, mothers, children, elderly, the ill, the mentally challenged. 

In light of this systemic control system, the Duality Syndrome, the only way to speak to it and address it’s evident failure is by speaking to it in a language it can understand. This language is in the form of petition and policy, academic research as per how to scale and measure the monetary value of an occupation. I am hoping that in doing so we can shed light on the invaluable occupation of Mother, and begin the process of empowering her essential vocation hence making room within our civilization for a new awakening, which can essentially be composed as validating emotive intelligence which I believe has the power to re-awaken heart consciousness and begin the inward to outward change we need to heal from the trauma of Duality Syndrome constructs and eventually replace it with conscious loving community that measures its success by it’s good works . 

So I am creating this initiative called Oh Mother. This initiative is primarily demanding legislative recognition of Mother as a formal occupation. Meaning that the occupation of women as mother’s should be given practical rights. That women as mothers should be given recognition for their formative measurable success and contributions to the world and that their work and achievements as mothers should be recognized in jobs, in law, in government, and education.

The domino effect of government and society recognizing mothering as a veritable occupation would then make it possible for institutions of education to make mandatory education of what it means to be a mother. I would hope that given the importance of Motherhood academic research departments specializing in Mother Psychology could become part of University. We already have doctors of child psychology, we also need academic research and empowerment of Mother Psychology. What is actually required of her, how she can succeed in her occupation and the tools she needs to learn to do so. Were mother’s given recognition as belonging to a formal occupation, we can then measure the impact on humanity if mothers were paid for their contribution to humanity. 

Educate a mother as per her actual occupation and give her the skills to understand her contribution to humanity, fund her and assist her with community supports to protect her and her children from violence or oppression and what follows is the birth of a civilized heart centered and educated world.

In a world where the meaning of Mother and her value has been demeaned to instead favor roles of work outside the home for recognition and financial solvency.

In a world where women are continually being plasticized and stereotyped by our backward sexualized and porn-addicted cultures.  *Being a woman goes far beyond her biological surface equipment. 

In a world where the sacred of what women are, their work, their natural biological roles are being swept aside as non important by “certain feminist mantras” which push women to be recognized as solely worthy by their measure against men in society which suffers from Duality Syndrome.  All this has resulted in HER being completely misunderstood as per her contribution to humanity and her fundamental rights.

I am deeply concerned for my daughter and for all young girls for that matter and for all women. We must as women reclaim what our identity as women is, through our own self respect and solidarity among other women and mothers. Not only for our child bearing years, but for our nesting, cleaning, caring abilities, our multi tasking abilities, our incredible social listening skills all of which should also be empowered and recognized. Our living rich and powerful learning heritage as daughters of mothers of grandmothers. We have a special skill set, men have not spent the uncountable hours we have for endless generations raising our peoples. Without the empowerment of the vocation of motherhood there will be no significant change to the fabric of humanities compassion and empathy. Women must be educated in the actual measurable value of her contribution to the world, she must find her own self value and empower her own skill sets to raise boys into manhood and girls into womanhood with respect and comprehension of what the true value of a woman is. We must go through the process of unveiling the socio-economic suffering of mothers who are not recognized in a formal way for their work and contribution to the fabric of civilization. 

But we can do so most poignantly by asking very particular questions which indirectly speak to the oppression but which focus on our collective ability to answer these questions with powerful solutions. These are only a very few such questions when the subject matter is exhaustive, but these particular points do summarize the suggested initiative and by posing them we are welcoming debate on all these questions.

If she was given basic income what would that look like for the development of her children and her own health and well being, and ultimately the society itself?

 If a mother is given respite and provided necessary basic health care, and of course support resources in community and funds for retirement how would that affect our communities?

How would a basic income change the lives of single mothers? 

How would it help mothers in leaving abusive partners?

For instance by recognizing the home as being the institution, work place of her valuable occupation, can we invert the transition house system so that the transition house workers come to the home of the woman, remove the abusive partner and provide the mother support for her wellbeing and the children’s wellbeing?

Could the recognition of Mother as a real occupation worthy of rights and legal recognition give her credentials of work experience allowing her skills to be recognized, which she could then use when moving into other forms of work after her children have grown?

Do you feel that it could be possible that by the recognition of Motherhood might open the door to a greater understanding of what womanhood is?

I will be using my artwork and my music to promote this initiative and welcome other artists to join in the initiative. You can send a portfolio of your work or a particular submission to the facebook page, oh mother contact@ohmother.yasmeensong.com I will review it and depending on our collective decision your work can be made available as prints to sell in support of the initiative.

 I have always painted and illustrated my great respect for the vocation of mother,  woman and hearth keeper. I hope to see change in policy and world views on who and what women are and their vital value and roles in the fabric of civilization.

You can support this initiative by going to our donate page.

The proceeds of any contribution you make, whether it be in gift or donation or by purchasing a piece of art or music will go directly to funding the promotion of this initiative and further the academic and in depth statistical research needed to re write current government policy. We are seeking support from a vast array of different women’s support institutions and organizations to garner support for the initiative and build awareness for it.

You can also join the online community of Oh Mother at the facebook community page


where you can join a community of women sharing their stories of how their lives could be significantly changed were their occupation of Mother’s recognized.

The goal of this project is to prove the fiscal value of Motherhood as a measurable occupation. To illustrate this I am developing a platform where mothers will use their own skill sets to support one another and provide resources for the world at large, offering their empowering voices and assistance to educate other mothers in the occupation. For instance say you are a mother struggling with raising an autistic child, you could then go to that database at Oh Mother and look up senior executive advisor Mother with years of experience raising autistic child. You will be able to review her contribution to humanity by looking at her CV, the cv should include her hours, the challenges she met and faced, her education, self education she applied to her situation i.e. study of certain pedagogy or psychiatric sciences etc, in order to determine if she may be a good fit to support you. The point here is to make it undeniably clear that not only is this work a fiscal contribution to the world at large but that it can be measured as per a profitable source of income due to its expertise. It also means that it is no longer ok to be shy or humble about your insane workload mothers, no shyness, no fear of being proud, we must fearlessly recognize the merit of our invaluable occupation, the skill sets we excelle in and how we DO contribute to the entire world by doing so.  Evidently such a database could be incalculable in it’s intricacies and breadth in covering the uncountable roles we as women assume to succeed in our roles as mothers. However there will be certain categories put in place, which will most likely expand over time. Most importantly to create an account by which you can be employed at Oh Mother to support other mothers you do have to go through an intake process. The intake process is for accountability and it will require you to submit proof of your experience and vocation while it will also require you to read as per your responsibilities in being hired to work at Oh Mother. Your primary responsibilities are the same as what you assumed upon yourself when you became a mother in the beginning, Oh mother simply highlights this contract you have made with humanity and reminds you of the value and responsibilities you bear in carrying this precious contract into being in the world. Essentially the intake process is an empowerment and enlightening process for Mothers.

Building an online resource network. Oh Mother. Where you as a mother can contribute in a community network to the collective wisdom of mothers.

The resource has an intake system where in you must agree to certain terms and undertake the task of writing yourself a curriculum vitae which must cover your work as a mother, what you have learned how you have learned it, the research you have done to achieve what you have achieved and the skills you have developed in doing so. You may specialize for instance in particular aspects of your vocation in home raising children, hygiene, nutrition, dealing with children who have allergies, special needs, you may specialize in certain kinds of play and empathetic listening skills, you may specialize in organization and multi tasking the list is exhaustive.

The conclusion of having written your curriculum vitae for your work as mother is your ability now to offer a particular skill as salable to the online community. Now you will have the opportunity of offering a 45 min coaching session on whatever you specialize in, it might be cooking, creative storytelling or just gentle empowerment and self care. You may be contacted by a client and asked for a session, at which point you will can determine the hours you will be available and set up a time for your session. Your rates should not be smaller than 75 dollars per 45 min session and should not exceed 150 dollars per session. Oh Mother will take 10% of your session to pay for the continued maintenance and promotion of its initiative. Your success will be determined by the power of your CV your experience in a sea of peer mother workers and your sessions will be rated by your clients testimonial feedback.

Within your account you will also be able to create content which you repeat sell. For instance a video of how you make “Pita bread while carrying a baby on your back 😉 ” An interested party could pay for to view that video for 3 dollars. Or you could set up a whole list of cooking videos available to subscribers for 25 dollars. This is a means of income that is continual and ongoing.

Also Oh Mother will be host to an online market. A market where you can sell your original art, music, hand made clothing, jewelry, stock photography for instance.

The point of this online resource is to prove that the work that a mother succeeds in, her cultivated skills, talents and accomplishments are monetarily measurable and valuable. The potential success of this online resource will be a way for us to measure the hours and works of mothers in this way proving that the work of mothers is a valuable commodity worthy of basic income. By so doing, we add the data from the statistics measuring how many people are hiring mothers to teach them in building a petition to change government policy to recognize that the work of the Mother in the home is a valuable formal occupation worthy of being a paid and deemed legally as such.  

  • Home care and Organization Mother Gurus
  • Health and Hygiene Mother Gurus 
  • Self Care Mama Gurus (meditation, exercise, self care coaches)
  • Family Nutrition Mama Gurus
  • Supporting your child’s education in and out of school- Mama Gurus, 
  • Special Needs Mama Gurus
  • Grief Worker Mama Gurus ( who have overcome loss or grief over the loss of a child,)

 We are for profit and I am calling out to other mothers to take on their vocation as mother with the due respect for their integral work.

There is also a platform where you can post your skill sets and hours as per child care and learning curves and background in raising children so that we can collectively empower ourselves. If you are for instance specializing in raising a child with special needs, or certain challenges. If you are a mother who has raised children for any certain number of years having dedicated yourself to that occupation through both your time, practical care and research into raising children, you can add your hours, your credentials as per your research and methodology, pedagogy you use to raise healthy loving children and essentially be hired by other mother’s who are looking for empowerment supports. The point of this initiative is to prove that motherhood, and it’s excellence is indeed a commodity worthy of pay. So we must collectively pool resources and begin the work towards excellence and proving that we as mothers are worthy of empowerment and recognition.