Welcome to Oh Mother, we are an Initiative raising awareness for the invaluable occupation of Motherhood.

I pray that one day we will live in a world where when a woman is asked what she does for a living. She could say; “I am a mother”. And that will be respected and understood as being the best work she can possibly be doing.

Yasmeen Olya

Our vision is to empower the empathetic loving work of Mothers and have it be recognized as a valuable occupation worthy of status as the founding formal occupation for our societies. We are seeking recognition as such in government and legal policy.

How We are Raising Awareness for the Initiative

There are multiple streams to this initiative, the founding stream is the initiative vision itself. What is created by the vision is represented by collaborative efforts and individual efforts which seek to bring awareness to the initiative. Art, music, poetry, writing, dialogue, community building, dynamic groups built to encourage and inspire the founding vision.

Oh Mothers Founding Agreements

  • Recognize that the formal occupation of the Mother is the heart of our Communities
  • Recognize that the work of the Mother is the golden stream of love consciousness from the beginning of time, across generations and all world communities and is the foundational link to our humanity on earth.
  • Recognize that our Great Natural Mother Earth must be respected and protected.
  • Recognize that our work as Mothers shapes the reality of our generations to come.
  • Recognize that we must love each other and respect one another for all our differences and cultural backgrounds, focusing on the key empathetic love which we as mothers are naturally endowed with to engender in our children and therefore the generations to come.

Oh Mother Community Network

Register and tap into a network of mothers who are collectively pooling their shared wisdom and knowledge in their invaluable occupation.

Through the power of the integral founding vision we are gathering like minded mothers, grandmother, mothers to be to join our Oh Mother Community Network to pool their knowledge into our wisdom of mothers database resource for mothers, grandmothers, mothers to be and essentially the world at large. This community network is a raising awareness initiative in and of itself. This database of information compiled by each Mothers self made and directed profile includes her Mother CAREER Curriculum Vitae, by which she engages with the community network of mothers in problem solving and community building. This acts as a shared knowledge and experience tool for education, for measuring the contribution of mother’s to our world for HER empowerment, solace, health, safety, security and comfort. To read more about how to register and write your Mother Work CV please visit the Empowerment page. This community forum is a free resource.

Oh Mother Blog

The general content of the Oh Mother blog will be featuring the ongoing work of the mothers, poets, writers, artists involved in raising awareness for the initiative. We will be raising topics of interest for mothers through the blog and by setting up groups through the Oh Mother Community Network to discuss these subjects in real time. The content which is generated by in depth research into a particular Mothering subject and spoken to by respected thinkers and activists, writers, artists, facilitators via video submission, will be available to those subscribed with our 5 dollar monthly paid membership plan.

Oh Mother Store

Calling out to All Mothers to join our Oh Mother Store.

We are looking for like minded mothers who believe in our vision to share their skills and empowering products for Mothers at our store.

We are looking for: Empowering Mothering Artists and Illustrators Photographers- images of mothers, children, family. Products paintings, prints, coloring books.

Empowering Mothering Musicians, music for play, for quiet time, for healing, for self care, to be sold as MP3 downloads on the Oh Mother Store.

Empowering Video content to be sold on the Oh Mother Store as download, instructional videos which can be but are not limited to; play therapy, storytelling, Mother self care, healing, organization, time management, cooking and any other creative and intelligent video contribution speaking to the skill talents professional capacities in motherhood.

The Oh Mother shop is home to art, music, instructional video food, health, storytelling, play ideas, self care, healing, organization, time management and will expand to include all sorts of different content all of which are intended to empower mothers in their occupation and raise awareness for the work of the Mother. If you would like to be part of the shop you can contact Oh Mother through the contact form and we will review your submission and see if your submission is representative of our including you in the shop thus supporting you as a mother.

Paid Membership

There are many ways we try to provide resources that empower mothers. Oh Mother reaches out monthly to guest speakers in the field of Motherhood, Senior mothers with years of experience sharing their wisdom on empowerment and self care for Mothers, Healing, Home Care, Organization, Surviving Abuse, Grief Work, many subjects. Authors of published works who specialize in child development and motherhood. Chef Mom’s with years of experience sharing recipes and tips and tricks. Empowering arts, music and writing that empower the occupation of mother. These will be available on an ongoing basis through the paid membership plan five dollars per month you can subscribe here for this membership.

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