Walking into Light Painting Print


This painting is available as 20/20 inch canvas print. Stretched on 1 inch wood frame.  For other sizes or buying in bulk please contact us using the contact form.



Walking into Light is a painting I made after I had my first experience giving birth.  I painted it on raw canvas using acrylic but the application of the paint is used in an oil style.

This speaks to the feeling I had of being overpowered by natural law as my body had to let go the pain in order for life to be born through me. She is walking in field her body lifted by the wind, waiting for the arrival of the pending storm. I remember after having given birth that the smell and feeling in the room was like the feeling and smell one has after the earth has experienced a storm, the ozone smell, the earth wet and relaxed with the soothing rain growing beautifully, abundantly, alive and full of wonder.

The proceeds of this painting go toward building awareness for this initiative Oh Mother, to empower mothers in their most important vocation.


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